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The Public Service Exchange is a subscription community for intellectually curious public service leaders. On a monthly basis, attend a curated discussion with your peers regarding current books, interesting videos or relevant articles. Then, discover imaginative options to apply the concepts in your team, department, organization, or community. The first step is to subscribe.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for questions you may have regarding the public service exchange. More questions? Email

Maximize your professional development dollars with a 12-month membership.




The annual fee includes:

  • Monthly participation in the curated sessions
  • Tangible Takeaway summaries of each monthly discussion highlighting lessons learned
  • Access on our website to informative management interviews, articles, videos, and trending resources to try at your workplace or in your daily life
  • Access to the PS Exchange’s member network to further your professional matches
  • Opportunities to feature your community or organization on the PS Exchange website