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Frequently asked questions, Answered

What happens at the monthly meet up?

Each session kicks off with a welcome and introductions. Then Lisa and Chris will jump in and launch the discussion with a quick overview of the material. Think of them as “discussion sherpas.” We will provide a brief summary to establish a common jumping off place for the group and then toss out topical questions to spark dialogue and reflection.

When will each roundtable happen?

The same time each month at noon. The specific date will be announced with our Exchange Alerts. Sign up to receive updates.

What kind of questions do people ask?

Questions will likely range from the obvious, “What did you think? to “How can we apply this in our city?”. Our goal is to encourage clarifying, thought provoking, and applicable questions.

Who can attend?

Anyone who has paid the yearly subscription.

How many people will join the monthly roundtable

Each Zoom session will have a first-come-first-serve maximum number of 20 participants. If you miss the first cut-off limit then you’ll be placed on a waiting list until twenty more public service leaders join. Our goal is to keep the number of subscribers in each monthly session small to ensure lively discussions. Not to worry. If we have reached our limit with the first cohort, you'll be placed on a waiting list until others join to create a second one.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $300 for a 12-month subscription. You can pay online, by check, or money order.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds. For a little more than $25 a month (about the cost of a double espresso, extra foam,a splash of Kahlua, and a bagel), you can uncover idea gems, participate in 60 minutes of interesting conversation, and have tangible takeaways.



The Public Service Exchange is a subscription community for intellectually curious public service leaders. On a monthly basis, attend a curated discussion with your peers regarding current books, interesting videos or relevant articles. Then, discover imaginative options to apply the concepts in your team, department, organization, or community. The first step is to subscribe.

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for questions you may have regarding the public service exchange. More questions? Email info@publicserviceexchange.com.

Maximize your professional development dollars with a 12-month membership.




The annual fee includes:

  • Monthly participation in the curated sessions
  • Tangible Takeaway summaries of each monthly discussion highlighting lessons learned
  • Access on our website to informative management interviews, articles, videos, and trending resources to try at your workplace or in your daily life
  • Access to the PS Exchange’s member network to further your professional matches
  • Opportunities to feature your community or organization on the PS Exchange website